Thursday, June 29, 2006


What's the first project that we undertook when we moved into the new house? Painting...and lot's of it. Most of the house was a neutral light tan color, so we wanted to add some color. We painted the living room / dining room, computer room, and master bedroom in the 3 days after we closed but before we moved our furniture. Below are a before and after of the fireplace in the living room (E also made the curtains shortly after we moved in).
living room picture before paintingliving room picture after paintingcomputer room picture before painting
The biggest change though was in the computer room where there was a mural that we painted over (see before image at right). We started with a bright yellow that ended up being too bright (sorry no pic) so shortly after we moved in, Elizabeth painstakingly taped and repainted to get the results you see in the two images below. Of course, she also recovered the futon which used to be a dingy white.
computer room picture after painting (1)computer room picture after painting (2)

Thursday, June 22, 2006

New Home!

picture of our home
Okay, so it isn't all that new. In fact, E and I bought the house in September 2004. However, this is a new blog so I figured I might as well start from the beginning. I'm not going to talk about any projects right now but I wanted to introduce the house where most of the projects take place. If you want to cheat, you can check out a lot of my project results in the projects album.